EcoShine Waterless Wash is a spray-on/wipe off system that removes surface dirt and grime leaving your vehicles surface clean, shiny and protected. Lubricating technology helps limit friction to reduce wash marks and ensures a beautiful finish. EcoShine Waterless Wash is perfect for cleaning and detailing paintwork, glass, chrome, plastic trim, alloys, vinyl wraps, fibreglass, gel coats and much more. EcoShine Waterless Wash can be used virtually anywhere at anytime, wet or dry, indoor or outdoor without any effort. Save water, time and money by using EcoShine Waterless Wash for your daily wash.

How does EcoShine work?

EcoShine contains high lubricity ingredients to polish and wash the entire body of the vehicle. The high lubricity chemicals encapsulate dirt and dust particles which can then be removed easily by using a good quality microfiber towel. A microfiber towel is used because of high absorbency and softness, which helps to scoop up these dirt particles easily without harming the paint.

Simply spray the surface of the car and then wipe it off. This process can easily remove any light dirt or stains from the car’s surface. It works ideally for cars that don’t have thick dried mud to clean.

Auto detailers always advise to wipe down your car with a waterless car wash spray as water can sometimes hurt the car paint and leave marks if you go about it the wrong way. If the waterless car wash product is used correctly, it will not damage or scratch your car’s paint.

Why Buy EcoShine?

Complete waterless detailing solution.

Wash, wax and protect in one step.

Ready to use: spray and wipe with microfiber towel.

One product for everything: can be used on paint, wheels, windows and more.

Perfect for all car colors.

Fast and Easy.

Can be used virtually anywhere.

For Paint, Glass, Metal, Fibreglass, Clear Plastic and more.

For all autos, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, etc.

Produces a scratch-free and swirl-free shine.

Saves water, time, money and energy.

Eco Friendly.

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