Chimera design series is also an alternative to the traditional technique of wrapping the car using vinyl wraps or foil for a color change of the automobile. The advantage of Chimera layer is that any automotive paint can be sprayed on top of Trinity Chimera to give the look of factory painted finish. This paint can be peeled off anytime without damaging the original paint. Unlike vinyl wraps, Trinity Chimera enhances the depth and gloss without any irregularities and reduces the orange peel on the surface.

Trinity Chimera also avoids any blade marks which usually happens when the vinyl wraps are cut and peeling off the foil is a thing of the past. The Chimera coating will be topped with the Trinity Supernova series coating which forms an additional layer of protection enhancing the depth and gloss of the paint. The Supernova series increases the self cleaning capability and also the water and dirt repellency.

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