Trinity Chimera Paint Protection Technology

Trinity Chimera is the first of its kind in paint protection technology that forms an impenetrable layer over the surface to ensure paint protection. The Chimera shields the car paint from scratches, nicks, chips, road debris, tree sap, bird dropping etc. With its anti-dirt and water-repellent capability, Trinity Chimera enhances the depth and gloss of the car paint.

The self healing capability of Chimera helps to remove light scratches and swirl marks from the surface. The self healing feature gets activated upon exposure to heat, which can be as simple as leaving your car in the sunlight.


Can be sanded and polished

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Easy to maintain

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Trinity Chimera consists of four different layers to provide the ultimate paint protection. The four layers are as below:

  • The first layer forms the adhesive between the original paint of the automobile and Chimera.
  • The second layer forms the binding layer.
  • The third layer forms the rigid paint protection layer which can be re-levelled and polished to remove any scratches or imperfection on the surface.
  • The fourth layer forms the self healing layer with high dirt and water repellency.

These four layers combine into one strong and durable layer when baked in the paint booth. The Chimera coating is baked to form a solid layer which can be re levelled by sanding and polishing to remove any scratches or imperfections. . The Chimera coating will be topped with the Trinity Supernova series coating which forms an additional layer of protection enhancing the depth and gloss of the paint. The Supernova series increases the self cleaning capability and also the water and dirt repellency.

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