Trinity Origins

Trinity Origin is the pinnacle of ceramic coatings in the automotive world. Trinity Origin provides an unparallel level of protection for the automotive paint by providing a highly durable protective layer with high gloss enhancement properties and extreme slickness. Trinity Origin also adds depth to the original color of the car giving exceptional shine and hydrophobic properties.

Trinity Origins advanced self-healing properties eliminates washing induced swirl marks and light scratches as soon the panels are exposed to the heat of the sun. Most paint sealants degrade overtime and most paint protection solutions are prone to swirl marks and cannot be repaired. The only solution to remove swirl marks is to polish it out but it would remove any sort of paint protection coating on the paint surface. Unlike other coatings, Origin’s self-healing properties eliminates light swirls marks and light scratches as soon as heat is applied on the surface. With Trinity Origin, restoring the paint without swirl marks is as simple as parking the car in the sun. Trinity Origin bonds with the molecular structure of your car’s paint and acts as an added layer of invisible protective skin on top of your paint.

Trinity Origin creates a smooth surface which is highly hydrophobic which means water and liquids simply bead and roll off the paint surface before they can spot or stain the surface. This durable coating enhances the paint finish and adds a protective layer for up to 48 months*.

Why Buy this product ?

  • Advanced Self-Healing Technology
  • Gloss Enhancement Properties
  • Outstanding UV Protection.
    Durable Long-Lasting Protection.
  • Extreme Slickness.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Superior Hydrophobic

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