Creating The Magic For Your Elite Ride

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.




Devoted To Detail

Trinity Detailing solutions was formed by a team of chemists who love auto detailing and are car enthusiasts. We want to introduce the world to innovative detailing products and coatings. We handcraft our car detailing products and paint protection solutions using high quality ingredients to produce revolutionary products giving unmatched results and user experience.


To be the most preferred auto detailing solutions provider par excellence globally.


To provide innovative detailing solutions with exceptional quality, affordability and enhanced user experience.

Our Business Philosophy

What goes around comes, round (CIRCLE). We believe that our customers form the base of our organization while our team forms the brick and mortar of ensuring our solutions are of exceptional quality and durability. Our organization has people at its core and this brings us closer to form a CIRCLE. We define our CIRCLE as below:

Customer Experience

We ensure exceptional customer experience through our innovative, state-of-the-art technology designs and high quality products.


We strive to be innovative at every step of our detailing process, right from designing solutions to providing exceptional customer experience. Our innovative techniques ensure product application in the shortest time with longer durability.


The USP of our flagship product, Trinity Chimera is its resilience and this is a part of us. We strive to bounce back from obstacles, competition and uncertainty to ensure our commitment to everyone associated with us.


We commit to deliver our products to our customer with superior quality, longer durability using state-of-the-art technology.


Being part of the CIRCLE, we value loyalty in our elite customers and in our teams. We strive to guarantee a sustainable future.


We strive to achieve excellence everywhere, right from ensuring quality of products to exceptional customer experience.

Quoting Sir Thomas Edison, “There’s a way to do better, find it”. We, at Trinity Detailing Solutions believe in evolving with time and this evolving mindset has inspired our innovations and will definitely power our future products. Our aim is to build a brand that will become well known for its quality, state of the art technology and innovative products.

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